In the early 1980's Bob Cox developed the uptiding method that became the basis of the modern boat fishing techniques we use today.
In the early days that involved new hook designs like the Uptide and Uptide Extra, and making the best out of the components and parts that were on the market at that time.
Today's Cox & Rawle produces the best hooks for the job - including classics like O'Shaughnessy, Chinu, Circle, Crab Hooks, Aberdeen, Aberdeen Match along side their unique and proprietary patterns like Uptide, Uptide Extra, Meat Hooks, and uses the best materials and finest, most powerful components that money can buy
Brass Swivels and Stainless Steel Swivels, Ball Bearing Swivels, Coast Locks, Snap Locks, Tournament Snaps and all the best terminal tackle. Beads, rig glue and line and featuring tied-in-England rigs to nylon.
Terminal Tackle You can Trust!

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