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Tutorial - Easy Tie Damsel - Allan Liddle

Everyone’s got a damsel pattern in their armoury, or to be more exact probably several of them so it might not seem the most attractive of tutorials to offer another one.

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NEKO Rigging is very close to the Wacky Rig but unlike the wacky-style the Neko Rig is a vertical presentation fished horizontally.

Tie your hook to the end of your line then hook the worm through the middle just like a Wacky-style. Now insert a SMITH tungsten nail weight tnto the head or tail of the worm.
As you fish the worm, it will stand on end but as you twitch it, the worm will pull horizontally twitching forward while standing up vertically off the bottom - makes this a unique presentation for a soft plastic.

There are several new components to give more...


The Wacky Rig offers anglers a natural looking worm profile that sits horizontal in the water column falling slowly vertically and can be fished in one spot. It can be fished weightless, have a SMITH Tungsten Nails pushed into the head or belly weights like the Gran Nogales Body Shot tungsten weights to it to get it down deeper, faster.

This is probably the easiest of all the rigs to tie. Simply tie a Gran Nogales Wacky hook to your line with your prefered knot and then fold the worm in half and hook the worm through the middle. Then after you cast, let it fall and give it a few... read more...


The Drop Shot Rig also known as Under Shot in Japan, presents the worm horizontally off the bottom but is also deadly when fishing vertically.

Unlike the Carolina Rig this is rigged with the weight at the bottom below the hook. The hook can be located up the line where ever you feel is the the best depth to fish. With this style of rigging, you can use the weight to hold your bait in one place and fish as if jigging, shaking it and enticing fish to take your bait.

Start by tying a standard knot to one of the Gran Nogales Drop Shot hooks making sure you leave between six and... read more...


In trying to explain our soft bait products I realized that in Europe we are not too familiar with techniques that have long been used and perfected in the USA, Japan and Australia. It's no mistake that some of the most sophisticated tackle is made in Japan - so here then is a review of styles and how to rig them!!

The Carolina Rig is made to separate the worm from the weight so that the worm swims more naturally. As you retrieve the weight along the bottom the worm dances and darts and suspends momentarily behind the weight.

To tie the rig, you slide a tunsten bullet sinker... read more...


Texas Rigging is one of the first rigs you need to master when learning to fish soft plastics. The rig is very simple and will become second nature as you become an acomplished soft bait fisher.

Start by pushing the hook point into the nose of the worm. Push it by ¼ inch and then poke it out of the side of the worm at a 90 degree angle. Run the whole hook through the side until you reach the eye. As you reach the eye rotate the hook so that the hook point is pointed back towards the body of the worm. Now lay the hook to the side of the worm keeping the worm straight. Visualize... read more...

Sea Bass Fishing Techniques 101

Sea Bass Dicentrarchus labrax seem to be Britain's favourite sea fish! So here we define how to catch this top predator and what rod, baits and rigs will tame bigger specimens

Ride of a lifetime!
There is absolutely no mistaking a bass on the end of your line. A long fish with alluring silver metallic scales, a tail like a shovel, sharp gill plates and a spine-loaded dorsal fin – the bass is probably the most attractive of our fish.
Widely spread through our waters, it can be caught in harbours and estuaries, within feet of the... read more...