Texas Rigging is one of the first rigs you need to master when learning to fish soft plastics. The rig is very simple and will become second nature as you become an acomplished soft bait fisher.

Start by pushing the hook point into the nose of the worm. Push it by ¼ inch and then poke it out of the side of the worm at a 90 degree angle. Run the whole hook through the side until you reach the eye. As you reach the eye rotate the hook so that the hook point is pointed back towards the body of the worm. Now lay the hook to the side of the worm keeping the worm straight. Visualize where the bend of the hook intersects the bottom of the worm. That’s where you have to insert the hook point threading it into the body of the worm.

This is rig weedless and snagless as long as the worm is covering the hookpoint. It presents the worm both horizontally along the bottom if a bullet sinker is added or horizontally towards the top if rigged weightless. It can also be fished vertically with a heavy bullet sinker in applications like flipping, pitching and punching.
This is absolutely THE best presention a soft worms