The Drop Shot Rig also known as Under Shot in Japan, presents the worm horizontally off the bottom but is also deadly when fishing vertically.

Unlike the Carolina Rig this is rigged with the weight at the bottom below the hook. The hook can be located up the line where ever you feel is the the best depth to fish. With this style of rigging, you can use the weight to hold your bait in one place and fish as if jigging, shaking it and enticing fish to take your bait.

Start by tying a standard knot to one of the Gran Nogales Drop Shot hooks making sure you leave between six and twelve inch of tag end depending on how close you want to fish from the bottom. After tying on the hook thread the tag-end through the hook eye from the hook point side - making the hook kick out, point up.
At the bottom of your tag end, attach a drop-shot weight or a bell sinker.

Now simply Texas-Rig your worm onto the hook or if you prefer to use a small drop shot hook, just nose hook the worm just over the point for greated finnesse.
Fish vertically or make casts to deep structure and work it back slowly like a Texas Rig until you reach cover - then stop and jig it up and down moving the slack line and not the sinker. As you slacken the line the worm falls - as you tighten the line the worm rises up the water column.