The Wacky Rig offers anglers a natural looking worm profile that sits horizontal in the water column falling slowly vertically and can be fished in one spot. It can be fished weightless, have a SMITH Tungsten Nails pushed into the head or belly weights like the Gran Nogales Body Shot tungsten weights to it to get it down deeper, faster.

This is probably the easiest of all the rigs to tie. Simply tie a Gran Nogales Wacky hook to your line with your prefered knot and then fold the worm in half and hook the worm through the middle. Then after you cast, let it fall and give it a few slight twitches, then let it fall and twitch it some more. It looks like a live earth worm writhing and twisting down the water column.

This is a great technique in clear water where fish can see the worm so it needs to look very life like. You can fish it around floating cover like pontoons or around pier columns and vertical structures like walls. Fish very slowly close by.