NEKO Rigging is very close to the Wacky Rig but unlike the wacky-style the Neko Rig is a vertical presentation fished horizontally.

Tie your hook to the end of your line then hook the worm through the middle just like a Wacky-style. Now insert a SMITH tungsten nail weight tnto the head or tail of the worm.
As you fish the worm, it will stand on end but as you twitch it, the worm will pull horizontally twitching forward while standing up vertically off the bottom - makes this a unique presentation for a soft plastic.

There are several new components to give more sophisticated rigging and greater finesse to this style of fishing.

Gran Nogales NEKO RIG Hook Screws, screw into the worm and allow you to hook off the worm to improve presentation and hook ups but also to add life to the bait. Also check out the GRAN Nogales Goblinbat weight system.