Our Story

FishingMatters is a family run business where we hold old-fashioned values about service and care about the satisfaction of our customers and their customers!

We specialise in unique products available exclusively to us in the UK and Ireland and in some cases we own the brands.

Contact us for supplies of:

PARTRIDGE OF REDDITCH Salmon, Steelhead, Sea Trout, Trout, Pike and Predator hooks and accessories
COX & RAWLE Sea hooks, components, rigs and accessories
SPRITE Affordable hooks in the most useful patterns and sizes
AMERICAN FISHING WIRE Rigging, tackle, wire, components, tools and accessories
SMITH Seabass Rods and Exotic Travel Rods
VARIVASTop quality fly lines, leaders, tippet, freshwater and seawater hooks; Try the 2100 Standard dry or the 2600V Carbon short shank
MARRYAT High performance Tactical Fly Rods, Vosseler Fly Reels, Saltwater and freshwater rods - Marryat Tactical Pro Series, Dry Fly & Nymph Fly Rods, Marryat Tactical Bonefish Fly Rods
REGAL The best Fly Tying Vises and accessories
GRAN Offset, Mosquito and Suwacky hooks and rigging components. The hooking master range, under shot range, jig heads and accessories
RIGRAP No more tangled rigs but great storage with drain ports and easy rig identification. RIGRAP comes in a majority of sizes - great for large hooks, multiple rigs and more!
HI SEAS Main lines, mono shock leader, deep water components and accessories.

Our suppliers work hard developing innovative, top quality products that will bring a smile to the faces of fishermen the world over - the kind of smile that says; “what a great fish,” “what a brilliant rod” or simply “what a great day to be fishing!”